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BellaVita's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Bellas! 

Are you searching for some natural gifts to pamper your loved ones this holiday season? Give the gift of a glowing complexion and soft, dewy skin with BellaVita Botanics skincare.

We’ve carefully curated a helpful and informative gift guide featuring products from our skincare line. So there’s no need to fight the busy mall crowds this year. We are your one-stop (online) shop for all things skincare.

Make yourself a warm cuppa, get cozy, and read on for our expertly-curated list of botanical gift ideas.

For soft, supple skin from head to toe. Gift the Buff & Brighten Skintuition Solution.

Give the gift of softer feeling skin with our ultra-moisturizing and luxurious body bundle, formulated to exfoliate and hydrate thirsty skin from head to toe. Buff, and brighten with our Body Polish, featuring mineral-rich dead sea and pink himalayan salt. Hydrate and tone freshly exfoliated skin with our Body Dream Cream featuring hand picked, organic botanical butters and oils. 

This all-natural body care bundle is a simple yet thoughtful gift that will have a lasting effect on any recipient. 

Shop the Buff & Brighten Skintuition Solution. $90

For emergency skin repair. Gift the SOS Skintuition Solution 

These beauty cabinet essentials are a great gift for all skin types. This duo promotes plump, dewy skin with our brightening AHA! Facial Mask and hydrating Hyaluronic Facial Dewdrops. Any one of your family or friends can benefit from this oil-free solution. Even those you know with sensitive skin! 

The SOS Skintuition Solution can be used anytime, but is especially useful for warding off unwanted effects during times of stress – whether it be environmental, hormonal, or mental – because as we all know, stress can take a big toll on skin condition.

Shop SOS Skintuition Solution. $160

For dry, cold climates. Gift the Hydration Sensation Skintuition Solution

Cold air, dry indoor heat, low humidity levels, and harsh winter conditions can deplete even the dewiest skin of its moisture. However, dull, dry faces won’t be a winter woe when you give the gift of our Hydration Sensation Skintuition Solution

Made to offer 24-hour protection and moisturization, this set includes our deeply nourishing Facial Elixir, our ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Facial Dew Drops, and our moisturizing Daylight Facial Cream to seal the deal. This Skintuition Solution is a great gift for anyone with dry skin and is especially suitable for those living in harsh, cold climates this winter.

Shop Hydration Sensation Skintuition Solution. $253

For the one you want to pamper. Gift the Only in Your Dreams Skintuition Solution 

Do you have someone really special in your life that you’re dying to pamper? Then this top-tier Skintuition Solution just might be the gift they deserve. 

Our Only in Your Dreams Skintuition Solution is the ultimate nighttime repair routine. A BellaVita founder’s favorite, this solution is complete with our nourishing, oil-based Facial Elixir, our moisturizing Evening Face Cream, our plumping Blu Magic Peptide Cream, and finally our hydrating AHA! Facial Mask. 

Shop Only in Your Dreams Skintuition Solution. $325

For when you’re not sure what to give. Gift a Bellavita Botanics Gift Card

Want to share the gift of natural skincare, but not quite sure what your recipient wants or needs? BellaVita gift cards can be purchased here and sent straight to your recipient's inbox. Once received, they are immediately valid and can be used to purchase any of our products directly through our site! 

Shop BellaVita Gift Cards. $45 - $200

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As a way to make our all-natural, luxury skincare more accessible, we have also partnered with ShopPay – a simple, one-click payment solution that provides the option to quickly pay in full, or in 4 interest-free installments. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through our 2022 holiday gift guide and we hope you found a gift here that made you think of the ones you love! 

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