Welcome to Bella Vita Botanics.

We believe that the highest expression of skin health comes from meticulous sourcing of the best botanical ingredients available: the key to unlocking radiance is available in a detailed attention to, and balance with, our beautiful biodiverse earth.

Bella Vita honors our relationship with nature by meeting each formulation from a place of respect, precision, and above all: reverence. Each of our offerings always has been, and always will be developed to meet the most rigorous European Cosmetics standards, and will never include any ingredients that may harm your health or the planet. We are devoted to formulation and development at the highest global standard.

Reverence for our planet.
Commitment to the highest standards of formulation.

Support for the things you tend.

A Note from our Founder, Formulator, and CEO, Karen Chelini

BellaVita Botanics was born out of necessity. In California, where I grew up and live, we’re surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean.

Yet even the most beautiful environment can adversely impact skin.

Pollution, extreme temperatures, air conditioning and daily stress all take a toll.

I began to see lines on my face—even my hair texture began to change! I tried all kinds of products, some inexpensive, others pricey, with little or no result.

On a more personal level, my parents both got cancer. This was a huge wake up call for my family to take a direct look at our environment and habits. I learned that what we put in and on our bodies makes a significant difference in our well-being. I also learned that botanical-based skincare products help to heal, protect, and rejuvenate our skin.

That’s when I began to build my own formulas. The feedback I got from family and friends was positive. I kept going, revising and reformulating, making improvements and testing. BellaVita Botanics was born.

I believe everyone deserves high performance skin and hair care that’s safe to use. Synthetic ingredients may perform, but at what cost? Many of us strive to eat healthy and exercise.

Why not nurture your skin’s good health too?

I’m so excited to share BellaVita Botanics with you!