A symphony of minerals for the skin

A symphony of minerals for the skin

Why Salt - an element so basic, yet so potent in its capacity to rejuvenate. Often associated with seasoning our favorite dishes, its power extends far beyond just tantalizing our taste buds. Today, we’ll journey into the sparkling crystals of salt and their remarkable benefits for our skin.

Salt does more than just flavor our meals. For centuries, it's been celebrated for its therapeutic properties. When it's about nurturing our skin, salt, especially as found in our Body Polish, can be transformative.

Dead Sea Salt & Himalayan Salt: A Match Made in Skincare Heaven

Here at BellaVita, we believe in only choosing the best for our Bellas. Our choice of Dead Sea salt, combined with the ethereal Himalayan salt, isn't just random. Together, they form a symphony of minerals and trace minerals our bodies ardently desire.

  • Dead Sea Salt is unique. It boasts a lower sodium chloride concentration than its counterparts. More impressively, it's packed with magnesium - a mineral many of us, unknowingly, are deficient in.

  • Himalayan Salt, that rosy-hued crystal, is a powerhouse of approximately 80 minerals and trace minerals. Its electrolyte balance mirrors what our bodies naturally crave.

Immerse, Relax, and Transform. Craving a sumptuous spa experience at home? Simply indulge in our Body Polish. For maximum benefits, let yourself soak in the goodness of Dead Sea and Himalayan salts for a relaxing 15 to 30 minutes. And as you emerge, the meticulously selected oils and the creamy richness of shea butter in our polish will leave your skin feeling satiny smooth.

Many of our cherished customers share that post this luxurious bath, there’s hardly any need for an additional body cream. The hydrating properties of our Body Polish do the magic!

A Treat for Our Bellas. As a token of our love, we’re offering a complimentary full-size Body Polish with every subscription. Dive into this luxurious experience now!

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