Benefits of Blue Tansy Oil

Benefits of Blue Tansy Oil

If you’re a natural skincare product enthusiast, you’ve likely noticed a surge of stunning blue serums and creams lining the shelves of your local beauty shops in recent years. What is that unmistakable blue color gracing the jars and bottles, you ask? The leading lady is likely none other than blue tansy.

What is Blue Tansy?

Blue tansy, also known as Moroccan Chamomile, is native to the Mediterranean basin and botanically classified as a member of the Asteraceae family — also home to asters, daisies, and sunflowers. Its captivating blue essential oil is derived from the plant’s surprisingly yellow flowers which are known for their skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil’s vibrant, signature blue color comes from a compound called chamazulene, which is a result of the chemical reaction that occurs when Moroccan Chamomile is distilled. It’s also what gives the oil its powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Blue Tansy Benefits

Blue tansy essential oil is primarily praised for its anti-inflammatory properties, which help keep skin calm in the face of irritation.

Alongside chamazulene, blue tansy essential oil also contains:

  • Sabinene 
  • Camphor
  • Myrcene 
  • Pinene

All of which are fellow anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, cooling, and/or soothing terpenes. 

When applied to the skin, these compounds are shown to help counteract the unwanted effects of UV damage and aging. They also have the potential to decrease redness and swelling caused by acne or rashes.

However, even without skin ailments like the ones listed above, you can still benefit from blue tansy oil’s antioxidant properties, which are excellent for enhancing the radiance of your complexion.

In addition to blue tansy’s skin benefits, the essential oil has been used as an antihistamine in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce nasal congestion. 

Aromatherapists recommend adding a few drops of the pure essential oil into a diffuser to obtain these benefits. This will also allow you to revel in its sweet, warm, and herbaceous scent. 

Using Blue Tansy Oil Topically

Most commonly, the benefits of blue tansy oil are experienced topically. However, in order to safely use the oil, it should be combined with a carrier oil. When formulating our Blū Magic Peptide Cream, we chose a blend of marula and meadowfoam.

Named for its ability to magically plump and smooth away lines and wrinkles. The “blū” in Blū Magic Peptide Cream is a nod to the blue tansy essential, of course. The powerful essential oil works magic alongside botanical peptides and antioxidant-rich marula and meadowsfoam seed oil to create a cream that stimulates collagen production for long-term results. 

Bonus: thanks to both carrier oil’s antimicrobial properties, our peptide cream is suitable for all complexions, including sensitive and acne prone. 

Harness the magic of blue tansy oil with Blū Magic Peptide Cream
meticulously handmade with sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients in small batches.

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