Benefits of Gua Sha for Wrinkles, Jaw Tension, and Puffiness

Benefits of Gua Sha for Wrinkles, Jaw Tension, and Puffiness

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Do you struggle with unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, jaw tension, or morning puffiness? If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely your answer to that question is an unwavering, “yes” to one or all of the above. And there’s only so much a serum or cream can do for you to ward off something like jaw tension or puffiness. This is exactly why more and more people are adopting a technique known as gua sha.

What is Gua Sha?

The name gua sha — pronounced gwahshah — is a traditional Eastern Asian practice that stems from the Chinese word for “scraping”. It’s a popular facial treatment that involves using a flat crystal (typically jade, rose quartz, or amethyst) and gently scraping it along the skin. The benefits include a more bright, more radiant, depuffed & firmer face. Additionally, to attain those benefits and more, it’s recommended to utilize a gua sha technique once to twice a day, in addition to your typical skincare routine.

It’s believed that regularly using a gua sha can help in several ways, including the following: 

  • To drain your lymphatic system
  • To de-puff your cheeks
  • To break up facia
  • To lift and smooth your face
  • To destress

How Does Gua Sha Work?

Gua sha increases the blood flow to your face via the pressure of the crystal causing a level of friction that improves circulation. The crystal tool used to do this is cut to fit the natural contours of your face and is meant to be scraped along in an upward motion.

The technique is similar to using a jade roller as both rolling and gua sha promote lymphatic drainage and decrease puffiness. Alongside its lymphatic drainage benefits, gua sha also acts as a facial release massage, loosening up fibrous tissue underneath the skin and relaxing facial muscles.

In fact, gua sha has been shown to “help break up the adhesions between the connective tissue of the muscle and skin, and help relieve muscle tension,” says Philadelphia-based dermatologist Rina Allawh, M.D. Therefore, if you have a tendency to hold tension within your jaw or brows, gua sha can help to release the pressure and encourage relaxation. In turn, this may also help prevent fine lines and wrinkles in those areas of the face. 

How To Do Gua Sha

In order to safely do gua sha at home, you’ll need to first start off with fresh clean skin paired with an oil-based serum. It’s recommended that you use a little extra serum than normal to help the crystal glide across your skin and prevent a “rug burn” effect. This also helps to push the serum into your skin.

Once you’re prepped and ready to start “scraping”, you’ll want to start at your neck and work your way up for optimal lymphatic drainage. Then, hold your gua sha tool at about a 20-degree angle and gently glide the tool along the skin using sweeping, upward strokes while using your other hand as traction. Repeat each motion at least three times for the best effect. 

Next, work your way toward your chin and jaw, gliding the tool along the contours of your face in an upward motion until you reach your ear. Repeat at least three times on each side.

After you’ve worked your chin and jaw muscles, move onto your cheeks, starting at the crease around your nose and to the edge of your ear.

You can also work the tool around your eyes if you’d like, but remember to be extra gentle!

To end your facial massage, apply your favorite moisturizer to replenish moisture and hydration in your skin.

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