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Fair Trade Shea Butter

Whenever possible, we are committed to using ingredients that are organic and fair tradeOne example of where we do this is our shea butter, which appears in our Body Dream Cream.

This all natural, nutrient-dense skin food is a renewable resource and comes from Africa. It is extracted from the shea nut and is a stand-out in body care for its ability to deeply penetrate and condition skin (think of it as a superfood that floods your skin cells with deep nutrition). We love to blend it with other, synergistic ingredients, such as cupuacu butter, coconut oil, and essential oils, as in our Dream Cream, for its ability to breathe new life into devitalized areas, like the skin on the underside the arms, backs of legs, and décolleté.


Using ethically-sourced certified fair trade shea butter means that safe working conditions, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods, and community development funds are assured. Producers, workers, and farmers all receive fair wages and prices for their hard work, and a supplementary amount of money is used to improve the lives of the farmers and their communities.

Building a sustainable business means that all aspects must be working toward an improvement on the status quo — environmentally, socially, and for the health of our bodies. For us, that means making one great choice, one ingredient at a time.

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