Happy New Year spelled out in paper cut out letters on wooden table

Happy New Year!

Hello Bellas!

Did you enjoy your holiday? 

The New Year is upon us. And with the New Year comes resolutions and we know what happens.

We make our resolutions with the best of intensions and within weeks or days we break that resolution. Not always, but possibly often.

This year let’s do away with resolutions. Let’s promise ourselves that.  

Let’s promise instead to just take better care of ourselves.

Let’s promise to eat a little healthier

Let’s promise to care for our bodies a little better.

Let’s promise to use cleaner skincare products on ourselves, eat cleaner food and use cleaner products in our homes.

Let’s just promise ourselves to focus on these little important changes that are ultimately easy to do and the benefits are huge.

If we’re healthier, we can play more, do more, love more and THAT is what’s important.

Wishing you all a wonderful resolution free New Year!

Ciao Bellas!

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