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Ixtapan De La Sal

Hello, Bellas!

I’m writing to you feeling refreshed and invigorated after awakening on the last day of my 7-day spa retreat. I’m in the tiny colonial town of Ixtapan De La Sal. Nestled within the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, Ixtapan is a town I visit to find fresh, healthy food on every block while inhaling the aroma of fresh flowers with every breath.

Being in the colorful, eclectic town of Ixtapan this past week has been an equally rejuvenating and transformative experience. The locals' are quite gracious and polite. Some of them are a bit timid, but a lot of locals are very warm and willing to practice their English with me as I practice my Spanish. Their way of life is alluringly simple, serving as a reminder to me to slow down and calm my own mind. A similar message to the one I would like to share with you today. 

Upon visitation to Ixtapan, I often admire the townspeople's way of life by strolling around the center, watching them go about the tasks of their trade with favor and a yearning to possess the same stillness in the mind that I observed from their assured movement and composed speech. Uncomplicated and calm. 

The retreat I reside in now lies on the outskirts of town and was not picked at random. In fact, I’ve frequented it for some 20-odd years, after first being introduced by my mom back in the early 2000s. It has been a constant place of healing in my ever-changing life and now, in the year 2022, I’ve created BellaVita Botanics with the desire to bring this healing and feeling of calm to you, wherever you may be.

My journey with BellaVita is to provide natural, luxury skincare while reminding you to lead a beautiful life, from skin to soul. So here I am, in the mountains of Mexico, releasing energy through movement and meditation and replenishing my soul in hopes of continuing to bring forth the best botanical-based formulas I can conjure up. 

Currently, I’m working on perfecting BellaVita’s newest initiative, Your Skintuition, and my goal is to find all of the possible ways to use BellaVita skincare and also to inspire you to create an uncomplicated and meditative ritual that you can call your own.

While I'm in the process,  I also want to ask you, since you are such an important part of BellaVita… have you tried any Skintuition’s yet? Did you find one that resonates with you and your complexion? Is there anything YOU want to see from BellaVita, like a new formula? 

I would love to hear your thoughts and desires, so please hit reply and let me know what you're thinking and how you’re feeling!

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