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The Potential of the Lion’s Gate Portal

When and What is the Lion’s Gate Portal? 

Today is the Lion’s Gate Portal. The 8th day of the 8th month marks an opportunity for all of us. Just like we can sometimes feel intensity around the time of the Full Moon, we can also feel when stars and planets are affecting the Earth’s magnetic field. This is an astrological event that some say marks one of the most powerful days of the year. 

Astrologically, the Lion’s Gate Portal is connected to the rise of the fixed star Sirius, which ascends annually over the eastern horizon on August 8. When the Sun, the Earth, and Sirius are all aligned in a particular astrological pattern, the Lions Gate Portal awakens. The rising and return of Sirius was seen by ancient astrologers as the rebirth of our spiritual energy and the spiritual energy of the planet. The rising of Sirius also corresponded with the rainy season of Ancient Egypt and the flooding of the Nile, supporting the idea of rebirth through the nourishing rain. Some cultures also used the rising of Sirius to signify the start of the new year.

Today this potent astrological event is thought to be a recipe for power, growth, and luck. Numerologically, eight is a number associated with infinite abundance, wealth, and prosperity (turned on its side, it is a literal infinity symbol). In Chinese numerology, 8 is also considered to be a very lucky number. 

How to Harness the Power of Lion’s Gate

What does this mean for you personally? If you choose it to be so, it means that right now, there’s a doorway to a new experience of yourself, one that is elevated above and beyond your current experience. This is an opportunity to take a look at your patterns and see what isn’t serving you, and ask for the guidance required to make your next, new steps that will leave you feeling more powerfully aligned with your soul. 

Mark this day with rituals of health, beauty, abundance, intention, and self-care. Write in your journal, gather with your friends. Nourish your body, your garden, your mind. Charge your crystals in salt water, place fresh flowers in your rooms, serve another. 

As we move deeper into times that feel increasingly confused, corrupted, and unstable, taking astrological opportunities like these to cultivate our intuition is a profound gift we give to ourselves. It anchors us into something greater than the chaos of the outer world. It allows us to rest in our own, incorruptible wholeness. It shows us how to ride the wave of life’s energies as collaborators in the unfolding of our own lives. 

Happy Lion’s Gate Portal. Wishing you a wonderful #SelfCareSunday.

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