Pre-Mothers' Day BellaVita Botanics

Pre-Mothers' Day

Every person was born to a mother, and many of us are a mother — this is the truth of being human. Given the odds, it’s no wonder the topic of motherhood is so complicated!

In honor of the many kinds of mothers: birth mothers, bonus mothers, chosen mothers, adoptive mothers, fur-baby mothers, mothers-to-be, earth mothers, dads who are also mothers, auntie-mothers, and more, our Founder, Karen Chelini shares about her own mother: 

“My mom was a true pioneer.  She was one of the first ever female computer programmers, and she was smart in a way that I never have been (the “love of math” gene skipped me over!).  She taught college-level computer language courses, and she was quite adventurous. She swam with hippos in Africa, helped pilots test software on jet engines while in flight, and made a bucket list of countries she wanted to see, from A-Z.  I will always look up to my mom. She was ahead of her time and so strong in the face of adversity. Her favorite color was purple, and that’s how BellaVita Botanics got its color palette. As Mother’s Day approaches, my thoughts are with her a lot.”

We’d love to hear stories about your mother and/or your experiences about being a mother. DM us @bellavitabotanic or leave a comment below.

If you’re thinking about gifting something special to the mom(s) in your life, we have some ideas she’ll love. Here are our top picks:

Blū Magic Peptide Cream

She’ll love this high-performance, luxury face cream for its ability to magically plump, refresh, and smooth away lines and wrinkles. Blu is a nod to anti-inflammatory Blue Tansy essential oil, which hydrates and soothes troubled skin. Its magic comes from three botanical peptides working naturally to help protect and revitalize aging skin, plus antioxidant-rich, Organic Marula Oil, the combination of which creates a better alternative to botox. This powerful cream helps stimulate collagen production for long-term results and is, thanks to its antimicrobial properties, suitable for acne-prone complexions (common especially among mothers who are experiencing hormonal changes).  

AHA! Face Mask

The AHA! Mask is your secret beauty weapon. All natural and rich in Hyaluronic Acid and five Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it offers quick results for firmer, plumper, smoother and more deeply hydrated skin. It can be used as a quick treatment, or even overnight for more dramatic results. Either way, she will LOVE the way her skin looks and feels afterward.

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