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Reclaiming Our Independence

During yoga class, one of our favorite teachers likes to remind his students, “You are a free being in a free body.” In this context, he is referring to freeing ourselves from all the social conditioning with which we are saddled. Those voices telling us we’re too heavy, too thin, not young, wealthy, talented, beautiful, or successful enough… aren’t our authentic thoughts. They are the ideas imposed upon us by our culture (and those who want to sell you stuff). These kinds of thoughts are insidious, finding ways to sneak in from a very early age. And if we want to be truly happy, we must grant ourselves amnesty from believing them. We must claim independence from all that is false. 

Every year on the 4th of July we, as a nation, get the chance to reclaim our independence. This weekend, celebrating and claiming our independence feels more important than ever. Our planet is crying out for fresh perspectives, for new ways to show compassion to ourselves and others. Deep, authentic kindness is what is needed to heal our world and  to be truly free.  

Here are some ways we can reclaim our independence this weekend:


We are in a time defined by general uncertainty, which opens the door to many forms of tyranny. Sure, life can feel scary sometimes, but this is the exact moment when practicing wonder is the antidote to oppression. What if there is another possibility that the ones imagined for us by the media? What if we’ve never really seen our own beauty? What if our bodies are much more equipped to regenerate and heal than decline and wither? What if that thing you think you don’t want is actually for your greater thriving in some way? Just because people say it’s true doesn’t necessarily make it so. Apply wonder to everything and enjoy the possibilities of greater freedom. 

Write a Letter To…

You don’t have to send it. In fact, most of the time it’s better not to send it. Is there a conversation with someone you’ve been having in your head for weeks, months, years? Do you feel like you were deprived of getting something important off your chest?  Write a letter to that person, circumstance, institution. Get it all out.  It doesn’t have to be pretty. Putting it down on paper will help it leave your mind and body so you can be FREE from those thoughts, that pain. Even better, have a little ceremony and (safely) burn the letter once it’s complete. Intend that the issues you’ve had will incinerate along with it. 


One of the best ways to liberate yourself from suffering of any kind is to serve others. Read to the elderly, work in a community garden, pick up trash at the beach, organize a fundraiser for a non-profit you believe in. 

Form New Habits

Let go of what isn’t serving you any longer. Make a commitment within your circle of family or friends so you will be accountable to yourself. Replace what you’re letting go of with something that feels good. 

Let Go

Often, our freedom is about letting go, not acquiring. Declutter, forgive, apologize, if necessary, if you don’t love it, give it away. Lighten your load so you can make room for your independence. 

Happy Independence Day to all!  We wish you freedom from anything that creates suffering. We wish you the experience of being “a free being in a free body.”  We wish you deep self-love and self-care. We wish you true liberation. 

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