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Natural Lip Care

You know why good skincare is so important, but what about your lips?  Our lips are like the canary in the coalmine when it comes to our health. Too much sun, not enough sleep, an excess of stress, a deficiency in water, exposure to wind, and signs of other myriad imbalances will often first manifest on our lips. Cracked, chapped, and dry lips are signals that it’s time to pay attention. 

This often overlooked but oh-so-worthy-of-love part of your anatomy wants the same quality of nutrient-dense care you give to your body and face. Your lips don’t have the sebaceous oil glands found elsewhere on your skin, which makes them vulnerable to dryness and chapping, especially in cold, extremely hot, or windy weather.

Adopt a regular lip care ritual to support soft and smooth lips and read the signs they’re offering about your overall health. 

Dry & Chapped Lips

This indicates that you’re probably dehydrated. Instead of just applying a layer of lip balm, drink water! Avoid the temptation to lick your lips, as saliva may further dry them out. If they’re still dry after hydrating, consider a gentle scrub once or twice weekly (see below). 

Cracked Lips

This could be from exposure to the elements, and it could also indicate a yeast overgrowth. If it’s the latter, it’s an easily fixable problem with diet adjustments and topical treatment. (Always see your physician or dermatologist!) Consider cutting back on sugar, caffeine,  alcohol, breads, and simple carbs and getting more rest. 


If your lips are sensitive and a little extra pink around the edges it could be a mildly allergic reaction to something either dietary or topical, such as toothpaste or lipstick. Track your flare ups and cease using any product or food you suspect is the source. (This is for mild cases of irritation or allergy. Obviously, if you’re having a severe allergic reaction, please seek medical attention immediately.) 

Unnaturally Pale or Overly Red Lips

These symptoms can indicate a more serious condition, and you should consult your doctor immediately. If the paleness is caused by lack of sun exposure, apply your sunscreen and get outside for a healthy dose of vitamin D!

Cold Sores

We all carry viruses in our bodies, and when we are run down, not eating well, stressed out, and generally not taking good care of ourselves, they can surface. This is true of the herpes virus, which can manifest as cold sores. If you find yourself getting a lot of cold sores, it’s time to reboot your nutrition by adding more low-sugar veggies and leafy greens, cut out alcohol and refined sugar, get more rest, and practice de-stressing activities such as time in nature and yoga. 

What Do Healthy Lips Look Like? 

Ideally, your lips will be pink, soft, and smooth (this is true for all skin colors and races). To maintain healthy lips, drink plenty of water, exfoliate them once or twice per week, then follow up with a nourishing balm. And don’t forget to apply SPF 30+ any time you spend time outside.

Rituals for Healthy Lips

Our Body Scrub is made from mineral-rich Pink Himalayan Salt and nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich oils like rosehip seed and coconut, nourishing shea butter, and healing essential oils. Consider using it once or twice a week to remove expired skin from your lips and drench them in healthy fats. Follow up with a natural lip balm made with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils. Make sure it has an SPF factor of 30+. 

You might also consider applying a rich, hydrating mask (don’t lick your lips while wearing it!), such as our AHA! Mask, which is naturally exfoliating and will imbue your kisser with skin plumping Hyaluronic Acid and five Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids for smoother, happier lips. (Be sure to rinse thoroughly after use).

Happy Self Care Sunday, Bellas! Here's to your healthy, happy, hydrated lips. 

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