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Self-care Sunday: Sleep

“If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.”

- Joyce Sunada

For the under-slept, getting through a day typically involves struggle, grumpiness, and a lot of caffeine. Good sleep is important for myriad reasons: we require it for energy and motivation; when we are run down from lack of sleep is when we become vulnerable to illness; enough sleep is crucial for proper metabolic function and hormone regulation, and (very important!) our skin depends on sleep for repair and regeneration. 

There are so many reasons sleep can elude us. Sound and light pollution disturb our circadian rhythm, technology overstimulates our minds and saturates our bodies with sleep-disrupting EMFs, and thanks to the constant feed of news coming from our devices, we are a species overcome by anxiety and fear. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Setting yourself up for a great night’s sleep with intention and care goes a long way to being deeply well-rested and, thus, well-resourced. Here are some ways to align with an excellent night’s rest: 

Digital Detox

Give yourself the gift of unplugging. Each night, turn off all devices an hour and a half before bed. (Blue light disrupts our melatonin and serotonin production, which impacts our circadian rhythm, and social media overstimulates our minds and saturates our awareness with useless information.)  

Switching off your WiFi at night exposes you to less EMF wireless radiation when you sleep. Studies have proven that EMFs (electromagnetic fields) or RF radiation (the information carrying radio waves that transmit information to all our devices), can have a negative impact on our bodies and impede our sleep cycles. Turn off your WiFi, remove devices from your room, and get an analog alarm clock so you don’t have to use your phone (even on airplane your phone can expose you to sleep-disrupting radiation). 


Water cleanses more than your skin — when used mindfully, it also unburdens your energy and emotions. We suggest running a warm bath and, before getting in, use our Body Polish to detoxify, exfoliate, and saturate your body in healing oils. Sink into the tub without rinsing the Body Polish off and luxuriate in a beautifully scented, mineralized bath. By winding down this way, you are sending a signal to yourself that it is time to let go of the day and slip into rest mode. 

Clean Sheets

Ever notice that you sleep better on clean sheets? If it’s not possible to change your sheets every day (this is true for most of us), use a fresh pillowcase each night (have a stash on hand). You can even scent them with lavender hydrosol if you like. This little luxury tells your body that you’re hitting the reset button and preparing for a fresh start. 

Prepare Your Mind

Take a few minutes to clear away any residue from your day with this easy and quick meditation:

  • Close your eyes and take a few breaths, welcoming back your energy from all the places you’ve traveled and conversations you’ve had throughout your day.
  • With a few more breaths, intentionally release any concerns. Release your hopes, ambitions, and goals, too. Release any images left in your mind from media exposure. Tell yourself you can pick everything back up in the morning if you wish. 
  • Imagine the busyness of your day draining out from your feet, down through the layers of earth to its molten core for total regeneration. 
  • Then imagine drawing fresh, new vitality from the earth through your feet and up through your body. As it moves up, imagine it washing you clean of stress and other toxins.
  • Declare that you are complete with worldly matters for the day.
  • Give thanks to your body and the earth for supporting you in having a beautiful life. 

Customize Your Wind-Down

Add in your own elements, such as a fabulous skincare ritual, reading a few pages of a good (not overstimulating) book, and drinking a cup of chamomile tea. Stretch, snuggle, laugh. Fill the hour before bed with positivity, stability, and security, and you will begin to re-establish the fact that excellent sleep is your birthright. 

Cheers to living your best, well-rested life. Sweet dreams and happy #SelfCareSunday!  

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