How to Practice Self-Care This Valentine's Day

How to Practice Self-Care This Valentine's Day

Hello, Bellas! 

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we’re sure you’ve been noticing all of the heart-shaped chocolates, pink teddy bears, and bouquets of roses on display when you run your errands. A clear reminder that “love is in the air” and it’s time to show the ones you love some extra special care. And while showing others affection is a necessary and beautiful experience, we’d like to gently remind you to not forget about yourself. 

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so fill yours first this year. For singles, it’s totally normal to have mixed feelings about the holiday. Valentine’s Day is heavily commercialized and typically marketed toward happy couples. But if you’re flying solo this year, or you’re physically away from the one you love, we’re going to share a few ways to celebrate self-care, compassion, and to just outright pamper yourself. 

  • Take a social media cleanse
  • First and foremost, we highly recommend taking a step back from social media on Valentine’s day if you’re not feeling particularly keen on seeing a million and one lovestruck couples V-Day festivities. It’s your day to focus on loving yourself, and that starts with giving yourself some personal attention, and that won’t come from staring at your phone. 

  • Start your day off with a self-love meditation
  • Close your eyes and switch from doing to being. Check-in with your mind, body, and soul, with a short 15-minute guided meditation geared toward self-care, forgiveness, and acceptance. 

    This highly praised 15-minute guided meditation is a beautiful way to start your day off with your mental health put first. 

  • Plan a DIY spa day for yourself
  • Take some time before Valentine’s Day to carefully curate a luxurious spa day for yourself. You’re worth the time and effort. Make yourself a nice flower arrangement, create a relaxing playlist, and pick up any last-minute essentials to set the tone for your day. 

    Think: non-toxic, soy candles, lemons for extra-hydrating lemon water, light snacks like fruit or cheese and crackers, and some skincare necessities. Perhaps a detoxifying face mask, nourishing oil-based face serum, a gua sha, a sugar scrub for your body, and a decadent moisturizer. 
    Take your time with every step of your skincare, really making sure to massage each product into your skin with patience and intention. 

  • Move your body
  • Connect with your body and get your energy flowing by practicing a simple, grounding exercise. A long yoga session, or even just some simple stretches, can do wonders for reconnecting with your body. And as spoken by Adrienne from Yoga with Adrienne, “when you feel connected, strong, flexible, and loved - you will have the energy to serve others”

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