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Once you've mastered your skincare routine, complete with a daily cleanser, moisturizer and SPF, you’ve probably been curious about adding a few extra steps to target more specific skin concerns.

Enter the scene: facial serums. What exactly is a serum, you ask? In short, a serum is a super-concentrated, fast-absorbing formulation designed to deliver a potent mix of active ingredients to your skin. There are a ton of different serums to choose from and all of them contain different active ingredients based on what skin woe they’re working to target. From hydrating hyaluronic acid to brightening niacinamide, the active ingredients in serums are what dictates their benefit to your skin.

Now here’s your mini intro to some common serum benefits, when to use them, how to use them, and how to layer them into your skincare routine.

As we said earlier, serums often work to address specific skincare concerns, such as dry, dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and more. That’s why they’re also known to: plump, hydrate, soothe + more. And even though one of the biggest benefits of serums is added moisture, their true power lies in their ability to deliver high concentrations of beneficial active ingredients to the skin, while also being ultra lightweight. Usually, serums have an oily or liquidy texture, and unlike lotions are creams, they're designed to quickly absorb into the skin and provide nourishment, rather than sitting on top and providing a barrier.

How and when should you use a serum?

Apply a serum to clean skin after washing your face but before applying moisturizer or other thicker products.

Serum benefits are at their strongest when the formulation's active ingredients have unobstructed access to your skin, so we recommend layering your serums before or overtop a heavy moisturizer. However, for quick applying, mixing with a day or night cream will certainly still get the job done. Typically, a little bit of serum goes a long way. And since they are high-concentration formulas, we advise you use just enough to cover your face in a thin layer. Then allow it to fully absorb before layering any other products. 

BellaVita’s Organic Serums

Our serums are uniquely formulated with organic, plant-based bioactives and cell-energizing oils. If you’re looking to quench the thirst of your dry skin (especially in these upcoming chilly months) our Hyaluronic Facial Dew Drops will be your new, fall & winter bestie. are exquisitely designed to be ultra-hydrating, offering intensive nourishment, while also helping set makeup and lock in hydration for all-day smooth, youthful-looking skin. With consistent use, Hyaluronic Facial Dew Drops create a plumped, bright, luminous complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and photodamage for long-term radiance. 

Now if you’re looking for brighter, healthier looking skin, our Facial Elixir is the one for you. It’s designed to regenerate, restore, and protect your skin’s inherent beauty with a blend of luxurious oils and resurrecting, clinically proven actives. Working at cellular level, our Facial Elixir helps rebuild collagen and replenish hydration for a nourished, youthful appearance. Plant stem cells stimulate your own skin cell turnover, and the synergy of Rosehip, Frankincense, Geranium, and Cypress summon bright, even radiance.

For more tips on how to use our serums, check out our full proof Skintuition guide. We’ve put together some personalized bundles created to provide you with shortcuts, quick time-savers, and best ways to layer BellaVita serums based on your skin type, skin problem, and more.

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