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This Sunday’s message is a simple love note to the women warriors we witness every day. We see you!  You’re starting your own businesses, mothering children of all ages, running households, bringing home the bacon, overcoming the odds, healing your bodies, listening to your souls, making the hard decisions, choosing love, choosing happiness over suffering, making lemonade out of lemons… and sometimes you’re just getting out of bed every morning (and that is enough). 

We’re here to support you to live your best life, no matter what that looks like. It’s not about finding the perfect diet or the best workout routine or the most effective meditation (or even using the best skincare).  It’s about cultivating an unimpeachable devotion to your joy. You deserve to be happy, to feel empowered and free. You deserve a healthy, strong body and a clear mind. You deserve to let go of the past and be excited for the future. You deserve to forgive your mistakes. You deserve to be loved and to love. You deserve to feel passionately in love with your life. 

These are uncertain and destabilized times, there is no doubt about that. By “doing you,” no matter what, you are flying boldly in the face of fear. You are sending a message to the Universe (and to all of us) that your choice to thrive is unshakeable.  We see you, and we thank you for that. 

It’s only impossible until it’s done.  

Happy #SelfCareSunday, Bellas.  

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