Sustainability in Bloom

Sustainability in Bloom

Spring is unfurling its vibrant tapestry across Santa Barbara, and with Earth Day around the corner, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on the beautiful, natural transitions that inspire us at BellaVita Botanics. Just as new buds burst into life, we too are constantly evolving in our commitment to sustainability—a core element woven into the very fabric of our philosophy.

Sustainability at BellaVita: Balancing Acts

At BellaVita, our journey toward sustainability is driven by a dual mission: to cherish the planet that gifts us incredible botanical ingredients and to create products that are both nurturing and effective for our customers. This delicate balance isn’t always straightforward. What benefits Earth might not always align seamlessly with human convenience, but it is a challenge we embrace wholeheartedly.

Packaging with a Purpose

Our current packaging choices reflect our ongoing dialogue between practicality and environmental responsibility. While some of our product containers are made of plastic, we’ve ensured they are of the types that are highly recyclable and reusable. However, we acknowledge that recycling isn't a complete solution—especially in areas where recycling infrastructure lags or is non-existent.

DIY Reuse Ideas: Candles and Planters

Transform your BellaVita PET plastic containers into something new and beautiful with these simple DIY projects:

Candle Holders:

  1. Clean the Container: Ensure the container is thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove any residue.
  2. Prep for Wax: Place a wick in the center of the container. Secure the wick with a little melted wax or a wick sticker at the bottom.
  3. Melt Wax: Melt some candle wax in a double boiler. You can add essential oils or scents if desired.
  4. Pour Wax: Carefully pour the melted wax into the container, ensuring the wick stays centered. Let the wax cool and harden completely.
  5. Final Touches: Once the wax is set, trim the wick to about half an inch above the wax, and your new candle is ready to light!


  1. Prepare the Container: Clean the container thoroughly. If necessary, make a few holes in the bottom for drainage.
  2. Add Soil: Fill the container with potting soil, suitable for the plant you choose.
  3. Plant: Insert seeds or a small plant into the soil. Water lightly.
  4. Decorate: Personalize your planter with paint, stickers, or other decorative elements to make it yours.

Looking Forward and Making Changes

Aware of these challenges, we are actively exploring more sustainable packaging options. Our commitment is to transition to better alternatives that align more closely with the varied recycling realities our customers face. This exploration into innovative solutions is driven by our desire to reduce our environmental footprint while maintaining the integrity and quality of our skincare products.

We Want to Hear From You!

We know that many of you are creative and conscientious in how you repurpose and reuse everyday items, including our BellaVita containers. We would love to hear your stories and ideas! Sharing these can inspire others and help us all contribute to a more sustainable world. Please reach out and let us know how you’ve turned our containers into useful or decorative items in your own home.

Stay Tuned and Stay Green

Next week, we’ll dive deeper into the art of repurposing our BellaVita containers. We’ll share tips and tricks, and perhaps feature some of your ingenious reuse ideas. Until then, keep enjoying the fresh embrace of spring and remember, every small step we take is a leap toward a healthier planet.

Ciao Bellas! Until next week, let's keep blooming together.

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