The Perfect Pair - Giveaway

The Perfect Pair - Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive The Perfect Pair, complete with two full-size products.

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The Perfect Pair. Rich oils and plant stem cells meet superior environmental everyday protection.  

Our best-selling Hero combination works in harmony to keep you tended and protected at all levels. Richly restorative, Facial Elixir is a luxurious oil imbued with plant stem cells working to rebuild collagen and brighten your skin at the cellular level. The extremely light-wearing Hyaluronic Dewdrop serum acts as a finishing treatment, providing deep levels of hydration and skin barrier protection every day. 


The Perfect Pair Includes (full sized, 1 each):

  • Facial Elixir, our Regenerative Face Oil.

    • rich oils and plant stem cells
    • smoother, brighter, and more luminous skin. 
    • Combats skin damage, evens skin tone and increases elasticity. 
    • Can be used daily, or as a treatment throughout the week to build and nourish overall skin health.
    • Rebuild. Replenish. Nurture.

    Hyaluronic Dewdrops - 

    • like a ‘finishing’ serum in your skincare routine, locking in nourishment and hydration
    • *want to move away from the ‘oil’ opening in BVB copy. I think the idea of a “finishing serum” is a POD in the marketplace that is true for our hero 
    • extremely light-wearing
    • superior barrier against environmental damage. 
    • Our 'marine layer' for the skin.


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