Uncovering Organic Skincare BellaVita Botanics

Uncovering Organic Skincare

When you open a bottle of our Facial Elixir or a jar of our Body Cream, you may wonder how its contents found their way to your washroom shelf. Are the ingredients natural? Are they sustainable? What about organically grown? Maybe you wonder if harmful chemicals made their way into the products or how they were processed. Rest assured, if it’s BellaVita Botanics you’re using, your products are clean as can be.

How are they so clean, you ask? We’ve adopted the “farm-to-face” skincare practice, which results from a growing trend based on the substantial movement led by people who wish to uncover the story behind the products that make it on/in their bodies. Read on to learn more about the BellaVita process, including how we create natural skincare products for you. From farm-to-face.

Organic Skincare

We are proud to provide the best natural, organic skincare with carefully selected ingredients that spring from the soil. Our ingredients are grown by small farmers and producers worldwide who employ sustainable, ethical farming practices. We always do our best to support them whenever possible, both inside and outside of skincare. Organic products are not only healthier for the body – especially for the skin, since everything we put on our skin, the largest organ, is quickly processed by our body – but also for the environment. 

Using organic products (whenever possible) is a powerful act that cultivates the health of humans and the planet. Unfortunately, conventional farming methods rob the land of essential nutrients that often result in ingredients, like fruits, veggies, and herbs, devoid of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Choosing organic drastically improves your nutrient intake and limits your exposure to harsh chemicals like pesticides.

That’s why we weave our commitment to ingredient integrity throughout every step of our process, from sourcing to formulating.

You will never find harmful chemicals like pesticides, added parabens, petroleum, mineral oils, propylene glycol, or sodium lauryl sulfate in our products. 

You will find organic oils, herbal extracts, plant stem cells and more sustainably sourced ingredients. 

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