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Winterizing Your Skin

Fabulous Skin for All Seasons

It’s hard to believe that the Autumn equinox is only six weeks away.  While you’re making the most of the remainder of Summer (the best of Summer produce! one last trip! balmy nights outside!), it’s also a good time to start thinking about your cold weather skincare swap-outs. With a little planning, you can have healthy looking, happy skin, no matter what season it is.

Here are some BellaVita adjustments for your most fabulous Fall-to-Winter skin:

Hydrate Your Hands

It seems like we’re all washing our hands just a little more often in the cool months. Whether this is true, or it just seems like we are because the air is drier, it’s important to keep your hands hydrated (the hands, after all, are one of the first places our skin begins to show signs of environmental damage and photoaging). Our Body Dream Cream is perfect for keeping your hands looking their best. You can also give your hands an overnight youth-enhancing treatment by applying our AHA! Mask to the backs of them before bed (wash off in the morning).  Be sure to apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands when you go out during the day!

Layer Your Moisture

The dryness that comes with cooler weather calls for a different type of moisture. Perhaps in the Summer you’re used to using only a serum, such as our Facial Elixir. Consider layering your moisture for more skin plumping hydration. Add in rich protection, such as our Daylight Facial Cream, and if you really feel like you need added moisture, use our extra-rich Evening Face Cream during the day and night.

Exfoliate With Discernment

This is controversial. On one hand, your skin may flake and look ashy in colder, dryer weather, and only exfoliation will do. On the other hand, some exfoliants can be extra drying. Experiment with the types of exfoliant you use. This is a great time to choose chemical exfoliants over manual ones (i.e., alpha hydroxy acids over scrubs).  If you do choose a manual exfoliant, use it only on your body, and make sure it includes plenty of rich oils and butters to replenish your skin.  

Eat More Fat

We tend to eat heavier, denser food when the weather is cool, so incorporating more fat is a natural shift your body will love. The trick to adding more fats without also gaining weight is to reduce your sugar and carb consumption at the same time (this is also good for helping to balance hormones and blood sugar levels). Healthy, happy skin barriers rely on healthy fats, and the goal is to maintain a healthy, functioning skin barrier that retains all available moisture.

Here's a quick list of collagen-boosting fats that help build your skin’s lipid layer and work to moisturize your skin from the inside out:

  • avocado oil
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • nuts and seeds (sprout them, roast them and sprinkle them over your vegetable  dishes!)
  • full-fat or coconut yogurt 


It’s easy for us to forget to wear sunscreen when it’s chilly. Yep, sorry, you still need it when you spend a lot of time outside. 

Good Sleep

One of the best things about shorter days and longer nights is that we are invited to rest more. Sleep is when your body (including your skin) repairs and regenerates itself. Take advantage of the season to get your full 8 hours, no apologies. 

May you squeeze in every drop of available joy this Summer, and may you feel well-prepared when it’s over.  Happy #SelfCareSunday, Bellas.

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