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Facial Mask with Friends

Let’s never be too busy to plan an at-home spa day with friends. The tradition of indulging in beauty rituals together is at least as old as ancient Egypt. Good for both mind and heart, beautifying together is a wonderful opportunity to relax, catch up, and give your body the self-care it craves. 

Send your significant other and kids out for the day, put together a playlist, mix up a batch of your favorite drinks, and prepare to (re)connect with your besties!  Here are some BellaVita ideas for a great at-home spa day.


Spa Water

Ever notice how spa water always tastes better than regular water? The night before your spa party add organic cucumber and mint to a couple of large jugs of filtered water. Refrigerate overnight and keep your guest delightfully hydrated the following day. 


Want something a little stronger? Aperol Spritzes are super refreshing, will evoke the feeling of an Italian vacation and require only four ingredients: Aperol; prosecco; seltzer water, and orange slices. Simply fill glasses with ice, and add ingredients to taste, garnishing with the orange. Aperol is bitter, so you might want to start with just a little at first. If you want to go lighter on the alcohol, seltzer water can be the primary ingredient. 

Matcha Tea

Matcha has many potential health benefits, including glowing skin and boosting metabolism. Its caffeine content will keep guests lively, and it’s a satisfying, brilliant green. Simply add a half teaspoon of organic, high quality matcha powder to hot (not boiling) water and use a drink frother to blend. Sip and feel wonderful. 


This time of year is all about fresh fruit. Head to the farmer’s market and pick up a selection of the best-looking seasonal fruit you can find. Arrange it artfully on a platter with some marcona almonds and your favorite cheeses. Voila!  Spa snacks. 


Facial Mask

Our AHA! Mask is the perfect thing for your spa day. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid and five Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it offers quick results for firmer, plumper, smoother, and more deeply hydrated skin by gently removing expired skin cells, reducing hyperpigmentation associated with sun damage, helping to boost the production of collagen, and encouraging cellular turnover for a naturally healthy glow. The results are immediate (so satisfying). 

This month we’re offering our AHA! Mask as part of our Glow Up Duo Special. Pair it with our Hyaluronic Dew Drops for an effective, glow-inducing at-home spa day your friends will appreciate for many days to follow. 


Last week we wrote about nurturing and detoxifying rituals for your feet. Why not indulge in one of these before you paint each other’s toes?  You’ll need to gather basins for people to soak their feet in plus a jar of our wildly versatile Body Polish

Other Considerations

  • Have plenty of clean towels and washcloths on hand.
  • Giving yourselves three to four hours is a generous amount of time to really sink in together and enjoy, but making a whole day of it is even better.
  • If you make it a whole day, consider asking people to bring more snacks so you aren’t stuck doing all of the work (or even better, have it catered!). 
  • Consider asking people to turn off phones and devices to create a mindful, connected, rejuvenating container.
  • Before you begin your spa activities, take a moment to sit together and declare your intentions for the time you’re setting aside to be together. 

  • Happy #SelfCareSunday!  Wishing you joyful connections with your loved ones and a really kick a@# facial mask. 

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