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Making a Difference

Hello Bellas, and happy Sunday to each and every one of you!

Here at BellaVita, we are always trying to share with you. Whether it be selfcare ideas, skincare advice, or just words of encouragement, we share with you only the types of content that we also find benefit it and believe in ourselves. With that said, today’s self-care Sunday topic is making a difference and that starts with each and every one of us. 

First things first. In order to give to others, you have to make sure your cup is full. Take it from us, it’s way too easy to miss out on the small miracles that happen each and every day of our lives when our energy levels are depleted. So, if you’re struggling with filling your cup, read this blog post for some ideas to nourish yourself, from mind to body to soul. 

Once you do that you’ll have the opportunity to do small things for someone else – and when we say small, we do mean small! Like saying hello to a stranger or checking in with a loved one just to see how they’ve been lately. Another small act of kindness could be buying someone (anyone!) a coffee, or handing them a flower, even picking a flower from your garden would be a really nice gesture! 

These small acts of kindness can go a long way and have a great impact on someone else’s mood throughout the day.

If you have time for something a little more active, we would encourage you to volunteer! Whether it’s an hour or two out of your time, in a week or a month, or maybe you have time to actually dedicate a full day. Any amount of time can make a big difference in someone’s life, for the better!

Making a difference for yourself and others makes you and everyone around you feel really special. And that is exactly what BellaVita is all about!

Until next time, ciao Bellas! 

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